People like to understand things in a relational manner or some sort. We like to have a “why” for the things that happen. We want everything to make sense. The problem with that is, for each of us, the “why” is all in our own heads. There can be as many “whys” as there are Read More →


My wife is an engineer. She works for a medical device company leading teams that release new products. I can’t even count the number of times she’s been frustrated because the instruction manual for a device has to be reprinted because someone might get confused when the instructions say to push the white button when clearly the Read More →


I should have known better. Every time I’ve walked into a Best Buy in the past I don’t know how long, I’ve been disappointed. Today, I was actually kind of pissed off. I was in the market for some better headphones. You see, A therapist friend of mine – okay my therapist – suggested I Read More →


You’ll notice at the bottom of this post, there are posts for “related stories” or the basic “if you liked this you’ll like that” kind of thing. A software program picks them, and I have no idea what criteria it uses, but it seems to do a pretty decent job. Hell, it’s got me clicking, as I’ve Read More →


While my daughter sat eating her dinner, I decided to write a blog post using my MacBook’s dictation feature, which isn’t perfect but gets the job done. I usually have to go back and clean up the punctuation at the very least, and often I have to fix some spelling. As I talked out my Read More →


Everyone in our house had fractured sleep last night. The kid woke up several times during the night crying. Carolina took the first couple of shifts, including changing a diaper and getting her a drink. I took over around 4:30am when Nicole was losing her mind and calling “Daddy! Daddy!” She immediately insisted on seeing Read More →


I’ve had a history of working my way through discouraging learning curves. When I was a teenager, I pretty much taught myself to drum. I was no Neil Peart, but I was no slouch either. I’ve taught myself a bunch of home improvement stuff, and I don’t mean the wallpaper and shit, I’m talking about Read More →


“Whatever your mind and conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill Bullshit. I can conceive of levitation and invisibility. Believing I can do those things wouldn’t make them possible, it would make me schizophrenic. I’m going to go out on a limb and say there probably isn’t a single person on Earth who’s life has been Read More →


Here’s the thing: The more you don’t do something, the easier it is not to do it. Great, right? I’ve become an expert at not doing stuff. Once upon a time, I had an excuse. Lots of them, actually. However, over time, the excuses have given way to free time that doesn’t get used correctly. Read More →


So WordPress told me it needed an update, and I did so. Then I noticed the plugins and themes needed updates. I did so. Bad idea. Dammit, dammit, dammit! The edits I made to the theme layout are gone and I’m stuck with some generic background and frikkin’ GREEN titles until I can fix the Read More →


I’m glad for Henry Rollins’ good fortunes, a strong musical following long after his band Black Flag’s heyday ended in ’86 and The Rollins Band stopped in 2003, success at spoken word and radio work, great looks well into his 50s… Hell, at least until recently he was in my wife’s “top five”, and apparently Read More →


I took a different route home from Target today. I drove through one of those Oakland neighborhoods where all the windows have bars, graffiti covers nearly every wall, and there are heaps of trash in the streets. On my way through, I passed a particularly interesting example of that graffiti and stopped to make an Read More →

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