Here’s the thing: The more you don’t do something, the easier it is not to do it. Great, right? I’ve become an expert at not doing stuff. Once upon a time, I had an excuse. Lots of them, actually. However, over time, the excuses have given way to free time that doesn’t get used correctly. Read More →


So WordPress told me it needed an update, and I did so. Then I noticed the plugins and themes needed updates. I did so. Bad idea. Dammit, dammit, dammit! The edits I made to the theme layout are gone and I’m stuck with some generic background and frikkin’ GREEN titles until I can fix the Read More →


I’m glad for Henry Rollins’ good fortunes, a strong musical following long after his band Black Flag’s heyday ended in ’86 and The Rollins Band stopped in 2003, success at spoken word and radio work, great looks well into his 50s… Hell, at least until recently he was in my wife’s “top five”, and apparently Read More →


I took a different route home from Target today. I drove through one of those Oakland neighborhoods where all the windows have bars, graffiti covers nearly every wall, and there are heaps of trash in the streets. On my way through, I passed a particularly interesting example of that graffiti and stopped to make an Read More →

Aviano USO Tour

Today I was going to blog about a tricycle I found in a trash heap. I sat down to the computer, and as I compulsively do, checked my usual websites before starting; Gmail followed by Facebook then The Daily Beast, Cracked, and YouTube. I’d made it as far as Facebook. When I first read that Read More →


Hey, just a quick note: When I started writing this post, I’d just gotten back from Florida at the end of July. Not it’s well into August, I’m just getting over a nasty summer flu, and… well… let’s just pretend its a couple week or so ago… When I was a kid, the Fourth of July Read More →


I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I’ve completed a blog post! First of all, I started back on the video bandwagon, plus work’s still been crazy, but the main deal for me lately has been working on the podcast. There many things to do besides just recording a conversation and posting it on Read More →


In my last blog post, I mentioned that I needed to get my poop together something fierce. Disorganization was becoming the law of the land in the Mast household. Last night, the situation came to a point where normal words fail to do it justice. I had to break out “fastigium”. The good news is, I got the Read More →


My office is a goddamned mess again. Not just a little “I need to spend a few minutes straightening up again” kind of mess. No, it’s a “Jesus, someone call the hoarders show, I think we’re gonna find dead raccoons in here” kind of mess. Mostly it’s ’cause I fail to keep up with organization: Read More →


I’m finally going to try climbing back on the YouTube video wagon. I’ve already got one up on the NotChristopherMast channel, where I’ll be doing my off-the-cuff stuff that I’ve already had going. Hopefully soon I’ll get to recording the one for my main channel, ChristopherMast. For now, enjoy the amateusomeness of this video.

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