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I’ve been in emotional/motivational quicksand lately. A non-motivated asshole. A slug. I think it’s because I’ve gotten lazy. I’m going to start moving my ass more and we’ll see if that helps. There’s all kinds of scientific blahblahblah about cortisol levels and testosterone and cannabinoids and whatnot that your brain and it’s buddy organs make Read More →

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Lately I’ve been craving the idea of having a turntable. No, I haven’t turned hipster. Actually, I’ve missed the sound quality of old-school recording for some while. Lately, everyone listens to over-compressed music on their phone through crappy (often overpriced) headphones or over Bluetooth in their car. There’s nothing wrong with jamming out in the Read More →


My wife got a written warning for a traffic infraction last week. It happened in Oakland. It wasn’t for speeding, looking at her phone, failing to signal, or making a wild u-turn. Nope. She got it for stopping in a bus lane. Fair enough, but: She’d stopped for a second to drop a friend off Read More →


For a big part of my life lately, I’ve been the guy who scans though loads of photographs for the shots with the perfect pose, the best lighting, composure that follows a nice grid or a golden rectangle, and subject matter that’s as universally interesting as I can manage. The rest either get deleted or Read More →


There are three different periods in my life I’ve felt pain so strong narcotics wouldn’t help. Each time I swore it was the worst pain I ever felt in my life. The first would be the headaches I experienced before being diagnosed with a 3.8 centimeter pituitary tumor. My rotten luck was be that these Read More →


I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I made a video for my YouTube channel. Really, I’ve been meaning to do it for months. I have ideas of how the process will go; I’ll record footage for several videos in one sitting and then edit them throughout the week to make a series… Read More →


The grade school my nephews attend in Florida does not allow kids to use the word “stupid” under any circumstances. Apparently, it’s been giving the same rank as classics like “shit”, “fuck”, and “asshole”. I’ve been told it’s prevent their insulting other kids, it’s some kind of anti-bullying thing. The logic is if you take Read More →


My wife tells me I lack focus when I sit in front of a computer. She’s right. I wander around Facebook, YouTube, The Daily Beast, and Cracked randomly like I’ve drunkenly lost my keys and haven’t the slightest idea where they are. Actually, it’s mostly the last two; if I don’t have a new notification Read More →


My first word, according to my own mother, was “shit”. Oddly, a number of times that she’s brought this up, I’ve noticed a tone that could insinuate it was my fault. As if, of my own volition, I disregarded “doggie” and “car” and “ball” and a bunch of other really common words babies pick as their Read More →


As I write this, I’m sitting at my mom’s kitchen table, a significantly sturdy piece of wooden furniture she bought at Calico Cat a number of years ago. My daughter is sitting in a high chair next to me with more than enough food for breakfast; banana, pineapple, a few cereal pieces, and part of Read More →


I wrote this before Christmas… on the 18th. I didn’t publish it right away ’cause I didn’t want the wife to know her Christmas present. Oh, and a bit of a pre-read warning: I’m a bit of a chauvinist pig in this post.  I just got done buying the main Christmas present for my wife. That present Read More →


As a teenager, I was truly an asshole. No, really. To those who know me who might be saying “yeah, you’re kind of an asshole now”… you simply don’t get it. As teenagers go, I was among the worst. “Among” playing a double role as a word, meaning both that I had the ranking of “among the worst” and Read More →

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