I just read my last entry on this blog. Funny. SO much has happened since then. The truck I mentioned I might get? I have it. It’s name is “Donkey”. It’s a hideous ’96 Toyota that runs great (but slow) and has cold air conditioning. The “writer’s den” (audio/video editing shack) I mentioned? It’s built. Read More →

Toyota_Hilux_N10_001 copy

Friday we’ve got someone coming to do a consult on construction of a writer’s-den-type-office-shed-thingie building in our back yard. Hoping to find a nice balance between what we do and what we have someone do, balancing out time and money. If money were no object, I’d just have someone do it. Really, I barely have Read More →


My blog is back up. Well, technically it wasn’t completely down and technically it’s not completely back up. I logged on the other day to find all my posts after last August were gone and the control panel looked like the last activity was back then too. My database was also dated August. After a few Read More →


Last night I actually made a video. Considering the late start on actually getting footage, I think I did alright too, seeing as I squeezed the whole thing together in a couple hours, which included some video screen grabs after I downloaded a new program to do that because Ambrosia’s Snapz Pro X is apparently not going to be Read More →


Back in the day, I was a hardcore “YouTuber”. Sometimes I’d make several videos in a day. Granted, most of them were video blogs made with the built-in camera on my MacBook. A lot of people did that back then. These days, much of the content on YouTube is professionally produced. Even the video bloggers Read More →


When I was 20, this wasn’t even the beginning of the evening. Hell, it was time for the garage band to jam out in the freezing cold garage. In fact, this would be an early start! I remember feeling bad for people who stayed indoors for the evening and that garage band would sometimes play Read More →


I just finished (re)editing my latest Legion of Weirdos article, 10 Insanely Absurd Cars. Knowing how much everyone likes lists, but simultaneously hates pagination, I originally opted for a slideshow type layout that changed pictures without refreshing the pages. Unfortunately, that didn’t work so well with mobile and went all wonky when you resize the Read More →


We need the rain. I get it. Well… actually, we need snow because of the drought and all and snow melting is what fills the lakes and stuff. Whatever. The thing about rain, though, is it keeps me inside. It’s not that hard to keep me inside, anyway, which gets me ’cause when I was younger I Read More →


I can’t believe it’s been over ten days AGAIN since I blogged here. Time flies. Speaking of flying, tonight (this morning) I randomly remembered seeing a plane some forty years ago or so. It was a P-38 Lightning. I remember thinking it was cool, but otherwise thinking nothing special of it, as I’d seen them Read More →


My kid is on something like here sixth and seventh pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. We had a tiny pair when she was an infant ’cause they were cute. When she started to walk, some of her daycare providers stated that good, flat bottomed shoes would help her walking skills. Chucks fit Read More →


I came across and inspirational quote on the internet today; “Doing nothing with your natural god given talent is what makes you just one of the crowd.” Apparently, that’s a quote from Jackie Stewart. Not Einstein. Not Ben Franklin. Not Oscar Wilde or Bob Marley. Sir Jackie Stewart. A race car driver people older than Read More →

Dirty_dishes copy

Time is rushing by too fast. I remember being a little kid, like four days from Christmas, just wishing upon wishes that the days would just pass already so Christmas could get here. I remember it like goddamned yesterday! Yet, somehow, I haven’t posted here in a while. I’ve posted at Legion of Weirdos, but Read More →

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