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Let’s try this AGAIN, shall we?

So, after having my old website completely vanquished by my old server company, I’ve switched to a new company and I’m starting from scratch.  I’m looking to do things a bit differently this time, anyway.  More updates, although probably shorter.  More links to my other social network areas where I’m more active… besides, who reads blogs anymore, right? :)

This, rather than being a self-contained outlet of text and pictures, is rather going to be a hub… nay, a portal for all things “Christopher Mast.”  Yep.  ‘Cause you needed that in your life, right?

Actually, it’s because, rather than try to update a blog site (which I often fall behind in doing) that barely gets read (if you’ve been checking my site for updates, you’re one of the special ones… thanks!), I’d rather have a central reference point for all my wanderings on the web.  As it is, I make appearances on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Velocurean, and sometimes sites like Twitpic, 12Seconds, and the like.  Oh, and I guess I still have a MySpace page.

So… if you’re one of the “special ones,” welcome back.  If you’re new, thanks for stopping by and I hope to see ya again.


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