Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


Rise and Shine!

Everyone in our house had fractured sleep last night. The kid woke up several times during the night crying. Carolina took the first couple of shifts, including changing a diaper and getting her a drink. I took over around 4:30am when Nicole was losing her mind and calling “Daddy! Daddy!”

She immediately insisted on seeing her mommy, and I showed that Carolina was snoozing safe and sound in our room. She’s done that the past two nights as well, asking Carolina to show that her daddy was sleeping in the next room.

NicoleĀ and I sat in the chair and listened to some soft music for about half and hour or so. She told me she was “scared of night-night”, so I’m assuming nightmares were her problem. The good news is after about a half hour she started nodding off and asked me to put her back to bed. After that, she awoke tearfully two more times, but stayed in bed.

This morning, Carolina pondered the question, “What would a two year old have nightmares about?” Well… Let’s see… Three nights in a row she’s awakened scared and in tears asking to check on her parents. I think that’s a pretty good clue. It’s also a pretty scary nightmare for a two year old, yes?