Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


Dictation by Nicole

Voice-Dictation-AppleWhile my daughter sat eating her dinner, I decided to write a blog post using my MacBook’s dictation feature, which isn’t perfect but gets the job done. I usually have to go back and clean up the punctuation at the very least, and often I have to fix some spelling. As I talked out my blog, my daughter happily chattered in the background, which of course the MacBook also heard. It was interrupting my dictation already, so… why not write her dictate a blog post?

As per Apple’s dictation, this is Nicole’s post (with cleaned up punctuation):

Hi daddy. Hi. Hi daddy. Uh-oh grapes. All done. All done. All done. No more chicken. Don’t want it. Down. All done.

I let her out of her high chair to play in the living room and the talking continues:

Book. Want a book. Want the book. Hola bunny! Sit bunny. Sit down bunny. Sit down. I see you bunny. Hi bunny. No, bunny. Want to go to choo-choo. I’ll be back.

Here she walks out of the room, returning a minute later.

Other one. Other one. Otro. Yay, bunny rabbit! Daddy, poo poo diaper. Poopy diaper. Change my diaper, daddy.

Yeah, I guess the blog’s over. By the way, I also had to fix the Spanish words. Apple interpreted “otro” as “oldro” and “hola” as “oarlock”.