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Chuck Taylor Baby Shoes

907e34ee603911e2877122000a1fbc4f_7-2My kid is on something like here sixth and seventh pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. We had a tiny pair when she was an infant ’cause they were cute. When she started to walk, some of her daycare providers stated that good, flat bottomed shoes would help her walking skills. Chucks fit that bill. Another plus for the Converse is that they’re practically indestructible, something my kid needs. She scuffs and drags and walks in puddles and climbs and kicks…

Before my daughter was born, I joked that she was the next Imelda Marcos because she had more shoes than we could ever use, and she didn’t really even need shoes because she wouldn’t walk for a year or so. Many of those shoes, in fact, didn’t get worn and some are still in the package waiting for the next daughter. She’s two now, so of course she’s outgrown everything from those days. We’ve replaced her shoe wardrobe as the months passed, of course, but the one type of shoe we’ve always made an effort to seek out has been Chuck Taylors.

It’s gotten to where they’re the default shoe for us, especially for the park or preschool, and we even have two pair a size larger than she wears, waiting for her to grow into them. They’re in so much heavy rotation in our household that we seem to have neglected the need for other types of shoes. Pretty party dresses with Chucks might be amusing, but aren’t really the proper choice. Also, on sunny days, it’s nice for the kid to have some sandals. We’ve recently found ourselves rushing out to buy shoes that match an occasion because her closet only has Chucks and maybe a pair of boots or shoes in the wrong color.

All the last-minute dress shoe shopping aside, we’ll be putting our kids in Chucks until they’re old enough to complain about not liking them… and probably longer.