Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


Jackie Stewart?

I came across and inspirational quote on the internet today;

“Doing nothing with your natural god given talent is what makes you just one of the crowd.”

Apparently, that’s a quote from Jackie Stewart. Not Einstein. Not Ben Franklin. Not Oscar Wilde or Bob Marley. Sir Jackie Stewart. A race car driver people older than me have probably forgotten about. A sports announcer I’d forgotten about. Someone millennials have never heard of.

He won the Formula One Championship three times and placed in the top five seven times.

BUT I CALL BULLSHIT! “God given talent?” Yeah…

It’s GOTTA be easier to win with a FLYING CAR!


Images? Oh yeah… those…
I can’t for the life of me find the original sources on ANY of these ’cause when you do an image search all that comes up are “free wallpaper download” sites. Nobody seems to have given credit. In this case I’m going with the “fair use” legality claim as they illustrate a joke.

Oh, and Jackie Stewart is still alive today.

So is Abe Vigoda.