Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


5:34pm to an Older Guy

When I was 20, this wasn’t even the beginning of the evening. It was time for the garage band to jam out in the freezing cold garage. In fact, this would be an early start! I remember feeling bad for people who stayed indoors for the evening and that garage band would sometimes play ’til 11pm or so, when the neighbors called the cops.

Now? I’m home. I’m wearing ratty shorts and a tee shirt. I’m ready to do a bit of housework and chill out. To me, it feels pretty much like the day is over. Granted, it is already dark outside, and my brain is pretty easily fooled by that. It feels much later than it actually is. BUT: If only I could get that youthful evening enthusiasm back…

Oh well. I’m pretty sure there’s supposed to be some wisdom coming with this age, right?