Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


Vague P-38

I can’t believe it’s been over ten days AGAIN since I blogged here. Time flies.

Speaking of flying, tonight (this morning) I randomly remembered seeing a plane some forty years ago or so. It was a P-38 Lightning. I remember thinking it was cool, but otherwise thinking nothing special of it, as I’d seen them on TV a number of times and I guess I’d assumed they must be relatively common. Back in my hometown, we had a yearly airshow with vintage planes and the pilots would often fly around for fun and practice the week before, which must have been the reason it was flying over me. I was in my aunt’s house on the south end of town and my cousin Dean had been born, so I must have been about eight. I looked straight up at it, noting it’s weird, ladder like frame looking like two planes welded together. It probably passed in less than thirty seconds, I only briefly remember seeing it. I’ve never seen another one since that day, flying or not.
Image: public domain