Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


One of these days…

Friday we’ve got someone coming to do a consult on construction of a writer’s-den-type-office-shed-thingie building in our back yard. Hoping to find a nice balance between what we do and what we have someone do, balancing out time and money. If money were no object, I’d just have someone do it. Really, I barely have time to do the things I’ve put on my plate already.

Sometime soon, we’ll be ditching our little Honda coupe in favor of a small pickup truck so I can clear out the junk wood pile we’ve got growing in the side yard. Sometime soon we’ll finish furnishing our front living room, including upholstering the chair we’ve had stripped down forever. Sometime soon we’ll get furniture for my daughter’s bedroom so that we can move her out of the baby room, but that sort of hinges on the whole shed thingie.

Oh yeah, and there’s another kid coming in May.

All of these seem like pressing problems to solve. Really they’re not problems at all, huh?