Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


The Obligatory Bowie Post

The first Bowie I remember hearing was Diamond Dogs. My dad had the album and would play it frequently when his friends would come over to drink and play pool. It sounded amazing on his gigantic speakers, JBL L45 Flairs. I gave those speakers away as an adult, and kick myself all the time for having done so.

I’ve pretty much been a Bowie fan my whole life. Sure, I got lost during the “Glass Spider” years. Also, it seems I didn’t listen to much Bowie during the first part of this century, but I made up for that when the next day was released and I let myself discover Heathen and Reality.

I discovered only last night that there was a new David Bowie album. I immediately downloaded it from iTunes, and he looked it up on Amazon to find it in vinyl, but decided to check the local record stores today instead. But then today I woke up to find that David Bowie was no more. So much for finding that album in stock in a local record store. I ordered it from Amazon, but they are currently sold out, so who knows when I’ll get it. Whatever.

Someone on Twitter posted, “It’s up to us to be weird and amazing now.”