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Does Anyone Really Read Blogs Anymore?


Bicycle. Finally.

I’ve gotten a hold of so many things in life that seemed out of control. LegionOfWeirdos.com is getting updated on a regular basis, my two personal YouTube channels have been getting practically daily updates, and now I’m on track to produce two videos a week on my main channel, and[…]

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The Obligatory Bowie Post

The first Bowie I remember hearing was Diamond Dogs. My dad had the album and would play it frequently when his friends would come over to drink and play pool. It sounded amazing on his gigantic speakers, JBL L45 Flairs. I gave those speakers away as an adult, and kick myself[…]

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Rabbit Rabbit

2016? Already? Cliché, I know. Anyway, here’s hoping I can use the artificial fresh start we observe at about this point in our trip around the sun as some sort of purposeful inspiration. Time will tell. Just in case, I made a resolution not to make any resolutions.

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One of these days…

Friday we’ve got someone coming to do a consult on construction of a writer’s-den-type-office-shed-thingie building in our back yard. Hoping to find a nice balance between what we do and what we have someone do, balancing out time and money. If money were no object, I’d just have someone do[…]

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5:34pm to an Older Guy

When I was 20, this wasn’t even the beginning of the evening. It was time for the garage band to jam out in the freezing cold garage. In fact, this would be an early start! I remember feeling bad for people who stayed indoors for the evening and that garage band[…]

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Vague P-38

I can’t believe it’s been over ten days AGAIN since I blogged here. Time flies. Speaking of flying, tonight (this morning) I randomly remembered seeing a plane some forty years ago or so. It was a P-38 Lightning. I remember thinking it was cool, but otherwise thinking nothing special of[…]

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Chuck Taylor Baby Shoes

My kid is on something like here sixth and seventh pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. We had a tiny pair when she was an infant ’cause they were cute. When she started to walk, some of her daycare providers stated that good, flat bottomed shoes would help[…]

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Jackie Stewart?

I came across and inspirational quote on the internet today; “Doing nothing with your natural god given talent is what makes you just one of the crowd.” Apparently, that’s a quote from Jackie Stewart. Not Einstein. Not Ben Franklin. Not Oscar Wilde or Bob Marley. Sir Jackie Stewart. A race[…]

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Dictation by Nicole

While my daughter sat eating her dinner, I decided to write a blog post using my MacBook’s dictation feature, which isn’t perfect but gets the job done. I usually have to go back and clean up the punctuation at the very least, and often I have to fix some spelling.[…]

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Rise and Shine!

Everyone in our house had fractured sleep last night. The kid woke up several times during the night crying. Carolina took the first couple of shifts, including changing a diaper and getting her a drink. I took over around 4:30am when Nicole was losing her mind and calling “Daddy! Daddy!”[…]

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Trash Heap Trike

I took a different route home from Target today. I drove through one of those Oakland neighborhoods where all the windows have bars, graffiti covers nearly every wall, and there are heaps of trash in the streets. On my way through, I passed a particularly interesting example of that graffiti[…]

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Robin Williams

Today I was going to blog about a tricycle I found in a trash heap. I sat down to the computer, and as I compulsively do, checked my usual websites before starting; Gmail followed by Facebook then The Daily Beast, Cracked, and YouTube. I’d made it as far as Facebook.[…]

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My Daughter; Laughing in the Face of Failure

Yesterday I bought some Duplo blocks for my kid. She’s been a big fan of her MegaBloks forever but there’s only so much you can do with them and she’s got the kind of brain that likes putting things together, organizing stuff, and doing puzzles (at least lately). A year[…]

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Cherish the Slightly Crappy

For a big part of my life lately, I’ve been the guy who scans though loads of photographs for the shots with the perfect pose, the best lighting, composure that follows a nice grid or a golden rectangle, and subject matter that’s as universally interesting as I can manage. The[…]

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